How To Falls Asleep with Scoliosis Back Pain

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The Best Scoliosis Sleep Tips

It can be difficult for people that suffer from scoliosis to get the sleep that they need. Many people with this condition experience pain and discomfort when they try to get a good night’s rest. If this is something that you’ve had issues with, you should try these scoliosis sleep tips. With these suggestions, you should be able to get plenty of quality sleep.

Invest In A High-Quality Mattress

A lot of people underestimate what a difference a well-made made mattress can make. A top-of-the-line mattress can be expensive, but in many cases, a mattress like this is worth paying for.

Most experts recommend that you look for a mattress that is either firm or medium-firm. If you can’t afford a quality mattress right now, the best thing that you can do is supplement the mattress you’re currently using with a mattress topper. The right topper should provide some additional support.

Experiment With Different Sleeping Positions

Some sleeping positions are going to work better for you than others will. It’s a good idea to try out different positions so that you can find one that is comfortable for you.

Many people with this condition find side sleeping to be the most comfortable position. Sleeping on your side can reduce the amount of strain that is placed on the nerves of your spine. Medical experts frequently recommend sleeping on your back. Sleeping in this position ensures that your weight is evenly distributed as you sleep.

Use Pillows To Provide Your Spine With The Extra Support That It Needs

If your spine needs a little extra support during the night, you might want to try a few strategically-placed pillows. Pillows can ensure that you get support in the areas where you need it the most.

If you’re going to be using pillows for support, you’ll want to stay away from oversized pillows. If a pillow is too large, it could put your spine out of alignment.

Instead, use small, thin pillows to take the pressure off your shoulder blades and your lower spine. If you don’t have any small pillows on hand, you could try using a rolled up towel instead.

Don’t let your scoliosis keep you from getting plenty of rest. Even though scoliosis can make sleep difficult, it doesn’t make it impossible. If you’re willing to try out some of the suggestions above, you should be able to start sleeping like a baby.

If none of these options work for you, consider seeing a chiropractor for treatments to fix your back so you may sleep better at night

Lower Back Pain & how Chiropractors help with pain management

lower back pain treatment from a chiropractor

Lower back Pain And Your Chiropractor

Lower back pain is of significant concern and something that you should be seeking advice from a chiropractor. Lower back pain is a widespread problem and can stem from a range of issues, from car accidents, years of heavy lifting, sciatica, arthritis and an extensive variety of other internal and external reasons.

Who do I talk to if the pain is unbearable?

While you should consult with your regular doctor as it could be the result of an internal issue= such as a kidney infection that they can assist you with, you are most likely also going to need a chiropractor opinion.

Why should I go see a Chiropractor?

A huge benefit of seeing a chiropractor is that due to the high number of lower back complaints, it is an issue that they see on a regular basis and one that they have a lot of experience working with. In some cases, your back may have moved, or your proper posture may be contributing to your condition.

Do Chiropractic treatments hurt?

In some instances, a minor adjustment to the lower back can assist in moving joints back to where they are meant to be. This adjustment will also take into account your mid and upper spine as well as your neck and head movement. While it may sound strange, your spine connects from where your head sits upon the top of your spine and runs right down to the base, meaning that any displacement at the top of your spine may well be transmitting the pain down and referring it to your lower spine.

By having your chiropractor gently manipulate your spine and have you demonstrate your range of natural movement, including your legs they can then determine where the apparent issue of your problem lies. For me, I see a chiropractor semi-regularly due to a bad back caused through injury, end each time I go, my spine has slightly displaced itself as discs have moved somewhat and each manipulation eases it back to where they should be. Unfortunately, this is not a permanent fix as due to my posture and lifestyle the discs will tend to shift slightly again and throughout a few weeks, I will begin to fell the beginning on the tightness grow progressively worse requiring another visit.

With their understanding of how the back is structured and works, along with a wide range of other issues, Chiropractors are almost magicians whn=en it comes to finding where your problem is stemming from and what is needed to begin the process of overcoming the base issue so that the healing process can begin. It may take several visits which are to be expected. They can’t add too much pressure to the spine on one consult, but over a few appointments can manipulate the discs, cartridge and spinal column back to a better alignment than when you started, and this is what is going to assist you to overcome pain and discomfort.


If you want to put a visual to the treatment check out this video below by Dr. Jason